Fitting the right TV Aerials in Blackpool

This article is for installing an aerial system in a large B&B of 12 rooms or more. The reason is because of the use of some of the equipment needed to carry out this installation. I recently had to fit a new TV Aerial and amplifier into a small hotel in Blackpool and I thought that Id share it with you. As TV Aerials Blackpool go there are all sorts of different kinds on the chimneys and roofs when I looked around. The thing is being right on the sea front, I needed to install and aerial that could take the hammering when the weather gets bad. Plus the sea are with all the corrosive salt, the aerial needed to be good.

I opted for a Log Periodic 28 element TV Aerial which I use quite a lot because it is so versatile. With the f-plug connectors screwing into the back of the aerial and with the being no back reflector on it to get caught by the wind, this aerial was probably the best one to go for. I bolted the stand off bracket to the chimney as it was in good condition and I attached a galvanised steel mast, This set up was ready for the winter winds and I knew it would stay up for years with out any trouble.

I was getting a very strong signal by the time i measured it in the loft void, which is where the amps where going. At a level of 77db I was able to put a 2 way splitter on at this point and then each feed was then put into an 8 way amp. fortunately the cables to each room where already in place and in good condition as most of them where internal. Once all connected up I was able to test the reception in each of the rooms. Each room had a reception strength of between 62 to 57db so that was very acceptable.

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How to set up a TV aerial on a caravan

So, summer is here and it is that time again where the British caravan enthusiast dusts off the cobwebs off his trusty caravan and sets of to the wiles of the beautiful countryside. The thing is once their there are usually 3 things that the typical caravanner will do; 1, get water. 2,put the kettle on & 3 try to set up the TV Aerial on the caravan so that they can get all of their favourite television programs whilst tucked away. With this in mind it is important to have a little knowledge of how to set up a TV Aerial on a caravan. We are discussing a Touring Caravan over a Static because once the aerial is fitted on a static caravan it doesn’t need to be reset ever again unless it has been damaged or if the static has been moved to a different pitch.

SO first is to make sure you know how to correctly connect up to a TV Aerial. Typically the more modern Digital Aerials have an F-plug connection so you need to be able to put this plug on the coax correctly. I will go into this in a later blog, but assuming this is done, then the next is to know which way to point the aerial and also if the aerial is to be fixed in a standard position (Horizontal) or on its side How to set up a TV aerial on a caravan, as shown in the picture.

The easiest way to do this is to look for Aerials already installed and point the aerial being installed in the same direction and in the same position. There are time when this is not possible and it is then that being able to access some information regarding where the nearest transmitter is. If the internet is accessible from a mobile device then the website to visit to get the location of your nearest transmitter is

Once the transmitter has been located it is then the time to fix the TV Aerial to a sturdy pole and hoist the aerial as high as is safe to do so and point the aerial in the direction of the transmitter. If everything is connected up correctly, and so long as there are no large trees or buildings in the way then the TV will pick up the signal being transmitted from the local transmitter. Finally to get a picture it is now time tune the television in. The TV will simply tune in to the strongest signal which will be the one coming from the nearest mast. That is it, and by following these simple instructions, setting up a TV in most regions of the UK will bring the right results.